Assisting in choosing right University / college

If you are looking for help to choose your college / university / institution school, we can assist you in choosing the right one. If you are wondering whether boarding school is right for you, VIA can assist. The course choice may be Medical / Engineering / Arts / Science / Paramedical / Law etc. The students can select the college & course sitting from home. Without visiting the college, they will know about colleges. No need to spend huge amount and time.

Course selection

We do assessment, the results of which are used as the basis for a more detailed discussion knowing your own strengths and aptitudes is a critical part of career planning, but self-assessment is not always easy.


Student / Parent can avail loan from our sister concerns. The approval process of loan will be done within 5 mints on production of required documents.

Easy Admissions

Admission to an international institution is one of the cumbersome and exhaustive processes one undergoes to attain an international degree at reputed institutions / universities apart from questing for an international career.


Students / Parents raise any query through our website / apps. Within 24 hours we will get details from the Institute and forward to you.

Lending Library

Students can hire the books from our Library. Students can avail the text books from us and keep them upto the end of the semester examination. We will charge 15% of the book cost. The students have to return the books without damage and as it while they received the books. While getting the books they have to deposit the cost of the books and get it back on returning the books. Every Year huge sum of amount will be saved.


Tips for getting good marks, healthy food, time management by the eminent persons